1 Papers of Michael Cusack
Date:[1870s]- 1902 Extent:12 items

1.1 Michael Cusack's own writings
Date:[1870s]- 1902 Extent:4 items

P95/1 Scope and Content:Handwritten letter in form of a diary by Lúghaidh Lamh Fada [Michael Cusack] entitled "Diary of Lúghaidh Lamh Fada, Creevah, Co.Clare". Giving humorous account of a holiday in County Clare, travelling there from Dublin via Limerick, visiting cousins and friends, travelling to Ennis, Ruan, Corofin, Lisdoonvarna, Creevah, Kilfenora. Mentioning Hugh Brady, cousins Patsey, Michael, Lizzie Cusack, and cousin John Culliney. Also mentioning a meeting of "Gaels" in Limerick during night of travel, and giving impressions from his address to a Mr Hourigan's Gaelic League meeting in Corofin: "Spoke loudly, strongly and melodiously with the illimitable resources and delightful imagery of a man of two tongues... my voice was as sweet as an Irish tune and its intonations as graceful as the curl of a reel". Also referring to the "Tuovahera tragedy in 1831" when Cusacks and neighbours killed "the five unfortunate men who were doing what the peelers did afterwards in Mitchelstown".
Date:20-30 June 1902 Extent:10 pp

P95/2 Scope and Content:Handwritten letter (1 p) from Lughaidh Lamh Fhada [Michael Cusack], Queens Hotel, Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, to "Boys, one and all!" [his family in Dublin]. Stating intention of having a proper rest for a week or two; having attended the baths already once. Asking for some trifles left behind, and for news.
Date:1 July 1902 Extent:2 items

P95/3 Scope and Content:Handwritten memorandum signed "M.Cusack", concerning his family background, and burial places of his and his wife's parents. Stating the background to his father's family to be Norman-Welsh. Referring to his wife Margaret Imelda's death on St.Imelda's feast-day. "The story of Ireland may tell the rest, if it likes." Stating he wrote this for the benefit of his children. A rough sketch of pedigree heads the memorandum, possibly added later, listing Michael Cusack, Margaret Woods, and their respective parents. Enclosing a transcription of the memorandum.
Date:[infra 1891 and 1906] Extent:2 items

P95/4 Scope and Content:File of handwritten and typed transcripts of P95/1 and P95/3. With annotation that Lughaidh Lámh Fada was "the Celtic God of light and genius", according to Pádraig Dinneen's Foclóir Gaedhilge agus Béarla.
Date:undated Extent:4 items

1.2 Photographs of the immediate family
Date:[1870s/1880s] Extent:7 items

P95/5 Scope and Content:Black-and-white studio photograph of Michael Cusack in middle age, standing in the centre, looking at the camera, dressed in country walking suit, cummerbund and knickerbockers, faintly smiling; holding blackthorn stick in right hand and resting the left on an ornamental bench.
Date:[late 19th century] Extent:9.8 x 13.7cm

P95/6 Scope and Content:Black-and-white studio photograph of Michael Cusack in middle age, bust only, looking to left, faintly smiling. William Benson's studio, Lombard Street, Belfast. (Photograph mounted, surface scratches and tears.)
Date:[1880s] Extent:16 x 10.7cm

See Also
Scope and Content:Cusack in older age, bust only, dressed in heavy woollen coat and shirt of same material, looking at the camera. Caption in ink on reverse "Michael Cusack,founder of the G.A.A.". (Enclosed: original maroon frame in paper and fabric, broken flap.)
Date:[late 19th century] Extent:14.5 x 10.1 cm (and frame)

P95/8 Scope and Content:Mounted black-and-white group photograph of 15 members of [The Trinity College rugby team at the Phoenix rugby club], front members sitting on bench, rest standing behind them, including Michael Cusack (second seated from left). Mounted. Photograph faded and scratched in places. [Cf.Cronin, Duncan, Rouse The GAA A People's History p.17.]
Date:undated Extent:30.5x25 cm

P95/9 Scope and Content:Black-and-white studio photograph (and two further copies) of Margaret Imelda Woods, later Cusack, only head and shoulders, hair in a bun and high-collared blouse with ornamental brooch. Portrayed in half profile and looking to the right. (All three mounted, first two original studio copies by Arthur Winter studio, Preston [England], last may be more recent and is loosely inserted into a fold-out mount. One studio copy bears caption in ink on reverse, "Mother RIP died September 6th 1890, born December 8, 1854, married June 14th, 1876…")
Date:[1870s] Extent:3 items (c.14.7x10.5cm all)

P95/10 Scope and Content:Black-and-white photograph and later copy, with portrait of Michael [Dominic] and John [Aloysius Cusack], sons of Michael and Margaret Cusack, as young children, both wearing sailors' suits and posing on a structure resembling a mast, a crow's nest, and ship's rigging. Both looking off to the left.
Date:[1880s] and [ ] Extent:2 items (10.7x15cm and 21.5 x 16.3 cm)

P95/11 Scope and Content:Black-and-white studio photograph of three young women, two seated and one standing behind them, all in their early 20s, two wearing white blouses and black skirts, one (on right) dressed in dark dress. Woman on the left is seated before a small table, leaning onto a gazette-type sheath of papers lying on it. William Lawrence's studio, Upper Sackville St, Dublin.
Date:[late 19th c.] Extent:16.5 x 11 cm

1.3 Hurling interest
Date:January-April 1883 (-1944) Extent:1 item

P95/12 Scope and Content:Fragment of bound foolscap minute book entitled "Dublin Hurling Club, established 1883", Listing officers of the committee for 1883, President H.A.Auchinleck, Vice-Presdident M.Cusack, honorary secretary and treasurer L.H.Christian, and committee members William Bell, [ ] Bodkin, W.Burke, Hugh Cooke, L.Hamilton, C.E.Rowland, Frank A., R.M., W. and Robert Potterton. Containing minutes of meetings, petty cash account, but missing list of debts to the club. With handwritten note on title-page by Lúghaidh Lamh Fada [Michael Cusack] that the item was lent to him by "my friend and colleague Lloyd Christian", on 23 March 1905. Binding loose and pp.5-46, 58-69, 78-99, 102-128 [and more] missing. Enclosing (pasted onto end-paper) receipt from Kenilworth Pharmacy [London] for Mrs.Cusack, March 1944.
Date:13 January-12 April 1883 [-1944] Extent:19 pp

2 Documents relating to Michael Cusack's children John and Bride and their generation
Date:1871-1953 Extent:22 items

2.1 John Cusack
Date:1871-1953 Extent:15 items

2.1.1 Memorabilia of Michael Cusack

P95/13 Scope and Content:Religious medal issued by the Congrégation des Enfants de Marie, with the name "M.Cusack" engraved on one side, and an image of Mary engraved on the other, with the words "Monstra te esse matrem" (from vesper hymn).
Date:undated Extent:3.5x2.7cm

P95/14 Scope and Content:Copy of Loretto Manual (Dublin 1871): prayer-book with calendar, biblical readings, and devotions. With handwritten dedication "Margaret from her Attached Husband Michael Cusack Easter Sunday 1880". Several enclosures pasted onto fly-paper and end-papers: newspaper cuttings with death notices concerning the wider family; further handwritten notes [by John Cusack]. (Gilt edges.)
Date:1871 (-1956) Extent:152 pp (and 15 enclosures)

P95/15 Scope and Content:File of card and newspaper cuttings of death notices [collected by John Cusack and formerly pasted into P95/14]. Including association card for John Cusack to the Association of the Perpetual Lamp (1912); death notices including those of Mother Gabriel (Bride) Cusack; John Colman Woods; Patrick O'Brien; wedding notice for Connor O'Brien and Mildred Collins.
Date:1912-1956 Extent:11 items

P95/16 Scope and Content:Printed receipt from the Dublin Cemeteries' Office with handwritten insertions; regarding sum paid by John Cusack for the interment of Michael Cusack in Prospect Cemetery on 2 November; signed by clerk.
Date:29 November 1906 Extent:1 p

P95/17 Scope and Content:Press cutting from ["Irish Independent"] with a photograph entitled "Memorial to G.A.A. founder", regarding the unveiling of a memorial to Michael Cusack in Glasnevin.
Date:[August 1940] Extent:1 p

2.1.2 Photographs

P95/18 Scope and Content:Photograph album [of John Cusack], with handwritten dedication from Máire Ní Gallchobhair, to Mr. and Mrs.[John] Cusack and felicitations on [wedding anniversary] 25 January. Containing 61 photographs and enclosures pasted in. Photographs show John Cusack, family members and friends, depicted at home, and travelling Ireland. Among enclosures: press cutting (1939) of Augustine J.O'Connell's membership in University of Ireland Senate, devotional texts, press cutting J.P.O'Connell's LL.B. degree.
Date:[1920s – 1940s] Extent:24 pp

P95/19 Scope and Content:Photograph album [of John Cusack], with handwritten dedication from Máire Ní Gallchobhair, to Mr. and Mrs.[John] Cusack and felicitations on their "Golden Jubilee". Containing c.35 photographs and number of enclosures pasted in. Photographs show John Cusack, family members, friends, colleagues, at home and travelling Ireland. Notably including duplicate of P95/ 7; photograph dated to August 1935, Gap of Dunloe; photograph of frontpage of "The Clare Champion" (September 1934). Among enclosures: press cutting about J.P.O'Connell's final solicitor apprenticeship examinations.
Date:[1920s - 1940s] Extent:

P95/20 Scope and Content:File of photographs and press cuttings formerly enclosed in P95/16 and /17. Photographs show John Cusack and other people [mostly family] in various locations [including a holiday abroad]. Including holiday photograph of 1941 including studio portrait [late 19th c.] of lady in white dress with flowers; John [and Kathleen] Cusack at Kate Kearney's Cottage, Killarney; portrait of three ladies including Bride Cusack (Sr.Mary Gabriel); large group of Irish laymen with [Archbishop John Mary Harty] in the centre, in front of Thurles Cathedral (pre-November 1946); special stamp of 1932-Eucharistic Congress.
Date:[1890s-1940s] Extent:11 items

P95/21 Scope and Content:Black and white photograph of [John Cusack], walking up O'Connell Street from the direction of the River Liffey, with Nelson's Pillar in the background. Shop signs on the right, other pedestrians walking behind him. He wears a formal suit with a watch chain visible in his waistcoat. (Identification by P95/ 38 also stating that object is depicted near his solicitor's office. Photograph inside fold-out envelope.)
Date:[1940s] Extent:13.7 x 8.9cm

2.1.3 Correspondence and family history
Date:1939-[1953] Extent:6 items

P95/22 Scope and Content:File of two holograph letters (and one transcript) from Edmund Fox, Burton-on-Trent [England], to "my dear Cousin" [John Cusack]. Enclosing photograph of one page of The Clare Champion [22 September 1938] with feature article "Cusack's Memory", and at length discussing various points of family history; including family names Flannery, Doolin, Cusack (unsure of its antiquity), and place names (Kilnaboy). Recalling meeting his father [Michael Cusack] in 1883. Some expressions of regret that the old times have gone; "níl na daoine comh nadú[rtha] mar bhí siad fadó...I fear the old jovial spirit has perished"; referring repeatedly to a friend nick-named "Cú Uladh". (Writer of transcript unknown.)
Date:26 August 1938 Extent:4 items

P95/23 Scope and Content:Holograph letter (7 pp) from Éamonn / E.F. [Edmund Fox], (no address given), to "my dear Cousin" [John Cusack], with full notes on Writer and recipient share affinity through great-grandparents, two sisters called Dowling [later Doolin] [partly in Irish].
Date:8 September 1938 Extent:2 items

P95/24 Scope and Content:Holograph letter from Mary McGee, Wisbech [Norfolk], to Mrs.Cusack, relating of her visit to Miss and Mr Cusack in Wanstead [London]. Her plan to go to Limerick for Christmas; referring to Mr Cusack, and to mutual friends, including Fr Angelus.
Date:20 November 1949 Extent:1 p

P95/25 Scope and Content:Press cutting from the "Clare Champion", entitled "The man Cusack - great Clare scholar who founded GAA".
Date:29 August 1953 Extent:1 p

P95/26 Scope and Content:Draft family pedigree by [John Cusack], beginning with the generation before Michael and Margaret Cusack, and ending with the next generation [his own], listing five children by name, and stating that four died in infancy under 8 years of age. Name and address of Kate Cusack, Brooklyn, are added in pencil underneath. Michael Cusack's siblings are named as John, Mary, Patrick, Thomas. [This was written on letterpaper with Rathgar address, indicating writer; also see P95/ 38 (Patricia O'Connell's list of these items).]
Date:[1956] Extent:1 p

P95/27 Scope and Content:Typescript memorandum (unsigned) entitled "Information on Micheál Cusack". Connection to Michael Cusack unclear: sketching connection between John and Brigid Mac Namara (siblings), Rath Corofin, and the Cusacks from Carron; Brigid marrying James Cusack. Advising on archival research to look into the Cusack's family history; mentioning that some of the Cusacks from Cooga Corofin [children of Brigid and James] emigrated to Australia and had a son a priest.
Date:undated Extent:1 p

2.2 Bride Cusack [Mother Gabriel]
Date:1936-[1950s] Extent:4 items

P95/28 Scope and Content:Holograph postcard from Sr M[ary] Gabriel, Doncaster [England], to J[ohn] Cusack, Rathgar, Dublin, referring to Mr.Crowley's illness; asking how Katty is doing.
Date:1 April 1936 Extent:2 pp

P95/29 Scope and Content:Holograph postcard from Sr.M[ary] Gabriel, Paris, to Mr and Mrs Cusack, Rathgar, Dublin, with greetings also from Lourdes. [Image of Place du Châtelet, Paris on front; stamped in Lourdes.]
Date:6 September 1948 Extent:2 pp

P95/30 Scope and Content:Black and white photograph of "Bride" [Brigid Cusack/ Mother Gabriel], nearly full length, in religious habit, standing on lawn of a walled garden, smiling off to left. [Caption on back naming her "Bride" and other hand adding names of devotions.]
Date:[1940s/1950s] Extent:9 x 6.5 cm

P95/31 Scope and Content:Black and white photograph printed as postcard, depicting [Mother Gabriel Cusack] and another woman, both full length and in clerical habit, arms folded into their sleeves, looking at the camera. They stand in a close-cropped field stretching into the distance.
Date:[1940s/1950s] Extent:14 x 8.8 cm

2.3 Other family members
Date:[pre-1936-post-1950] Extent:3 items

P95/32 Scope and Content:Black and white studio photograph of [Reverend John J.Cusack, Brooklyn, New York], bust only, in clerical dress and smiling at the camera. [Typed caption on reverse giving name and address in Brooklyn.]
Date:undated Extent:13.5x8.8 cm

P95/33 Scope and Content:Black and white photograph in postcard format of [John Colman Woods], Berowra gardens [Sydney, New South Wales], full length, elderly man with moustache in a dress suit, smiling at camera. Handwritten note on the back establishes place, writer states he sent a copy also to Clare. (Another hand notes the name "James Woods, Dromore".)
Date:undated [ante 1936] Extent:13.8x8.5cm

P95/34 Scope and Content:File of printed devotional texts; including a prayer card for St.Aloysius, a fragment of a pamphlet Vespers for Sunday [once part of a bound breviary or prayer book], prayer card entitled Apostleship of Prayer giving thanks for the successful Eucharistic Congress (1932). (No indication of ownership. Reference to new mass of the Assumption - postdating dogma of 1950.)
Date:1932 - [post 1950] Extent:5 items

3 Patricia O'Connell and the Michael Cusack legacy
Date:1950-2006 Extent:18 items

3.1 Private letters
Date:1950-2006 Extent:3 items

P95/35 Scope and Content:Holograph letter from "Pat" [Patricia O'Connell], Carraroe, County Galway, to Aunt Kathy and Uncle John [Cusack]. Praising the beauty of her surroundings; she stays with a family to improve her Irish. Hoping Kathy is better.
Date:26 July 1950 Extent:2 pp

P95/36 Scope and Content:Holograph letter from "Pat" [Patricia O'Connell], Carraroe, County Galway, to "Uncle John" [Cusack], with impressions from her sojourn in the Gaeltacht; a journey by sail-boat to Inis Mór, a visit to Leitir Mór and other places. Reference to family members, and to her upcoming "Third Secretary examination" in the winter.
Date:15 August 1950 Extent:4 pp

See Also
Scope and Content:File of holograph letters from Br Seán Mac Namara, Christian Brothers, Ennis [County Clare], to Miss [Patricia] O'Connell,Dublin, regarding their meeting in Dublin, and his receiving a copy of Michael Cusack's diary [P95/ 1], in preparation of a talk he will give in Kilfenora. Hoping she will find the original diary and that he may see it. Enclosing printed programme for the Merriman Summer School 2006 (19-26 August) with the theme "Michael Cusack and his time/ Micheál Cíosóg agus a ré". (Letters originally enclosed Mac Namara's booklet, P95/ 47, and a transcription of the diary, now probably with P95/2).
Date:3 March 4 31 July 2006 Extent:

P95/38 Scope and Content:File of handwritten lists of items in this collection, one entitled "Michael Cusack material" by [Patricia O'Connell], the other listing photographs, by [Br.Seán Mac Namara]; also partial typescript copy of first.
Date:[1932-1955] Extent:3 items

3.2 The Michael Cusack legacy
Date:[1902]-2006 Extent:15 items

P95/39 Scope and Content:File of photocopies of articles by various authors from the College annual "QCG", later "UCG". Unassorted articles about the Irish language and sports at the College, including a fragment article entitled "Gaelic Notes" from "U.C.G.- A College Annual" (1913) which notes the establishment of Gaelic games at the College, and the first competition for the Sigerson Cup.
Date:undated (1902-1914) Extent:16 items

P95/40 Scope and Content:Typescript copy programme for the Mass celebrated by Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich at St.Columba's, Carron, Co.Clare [as part of the anniversary celebrations 1982].
Date:7 November 1982 Extent:6 pp

P95/41 Scope and Content:File of printed documents from commemorative celebrations for Michael Cusack and the anniversary of the founding of the Irisleabhar na Gaedhilge (1882). Including invitation for Pat O'Connell; a programme for events held in County Clare that involve President Hillery; a commemorative booklet.
Date:October/November 1982 Extent:5 items

P95/42 Scope and Content:Printed souvenir programme for the official opening of the Michael Cusack Cottage/ Teach Mhichíl Chíosóg, Carron, County Clare, published by the Clare committee of the G.A.A. Including commemorative tributes by the President of the G.A.A. and others, summarising history of this heritage project, and a series of biographical sketches by Canon P.Lee, also including information on family history.
Date:27 June 1986 Extent:8 pp

P95/43 Scope and Content:Fragment copy of "The Clare Champion", with two pages dedicated to the Féile na nGael hurling festival, game and parade, and the opening of the refurbished home of Michael Cusack by Mick Loftus, President G.A.A. during the previous week.
Date:4 July 1986 Extent:2 (of 14 pp)

P95/44 Scope and Content:File of documents regarding the Sparánacht Mhichíl Cíosóg, a bursary at UCG for postgraduate research "on some aspect of the cultural heritage of Clare". Press advertisement inviting applications, and abstract of an MA thesis by Aisling Ní Bheacháin entitled "Cíos don Tiarna nó bia don leanbh?" (research based on the folklore collection of Seán Mac Mathúna [at UCD]).
Date:1998- [2000] Extent:2 items

P95/45 Scope and Content:Photocopied page from the "Clare G.A.A. Yearbook" [2001] with a transcript of a letter from Michael Cusack to [Editor of "Clare Champion"] of 2 February 1906, in gratitude for sympathies expressed by the Thurles Convention of the Gaels on the death of his eldest son; also expressing his wish for an Ireland worth living in, describing an encounter with a Protestant boy. With contextualising note by Br. Seán Mac Namara.
Date:[2001] Extent:1 p

P95/46 Scope and Content:Typescript letter from Séamus Mac Mathúna, Secretary for Academic Affairs, NUI Galway, to Patricia O'Connell, regarding plans for refurbishment of the Michael Cusack cottage, Carron, for 2006; NUI Galway's suggestion of a consultant for the project. Enclosing photocopy of article from the "Clare Champion" (30 January 2004).
Date:January 2004- 2006 Extent:2 items

See Also
Scope and Content:Copy of booklet by Br.Seán Mac Namara, entitled Micheál ón gCarn - a short life of Micheál Ciosóg [Ennis 1997], containing some short written pieces, a chronology, and photographs illustrating life, work and family of the founder of the Gaelic Athletic Association. With handwritten dedication dated 15 April 2004 by the author, Christian Brothers, Ennis [to Patricia O'Connell].
Date:1 July 1997 [-2004] Extent:58 pp

P95/48 Scope and Content:Souvenir printed programme for the Senior Hurling Final 24 September 2004, including an article by Br Seán Mac Namara "Remember Micheál ón gCarn" (page 6).
Date:September 2004 Extent:32 pp

P95/49 Scope and Content:Printed invitation to a book launch for the "latest book on Michael Cusack" [by Br Seán Mac Namara], entitled The man from Carron; launch takes place at Dergvale Hotel, Dublin.
Date:20 March [2005] Extent:1 p

P95/50 Scope and Content:Printed newsletter The Citizen (issue 1) published by the Michael Cusack Development Company, Boru Cultural Enterprises, Ennis, County Clare; in main feature outlining the Cusack Homestead development at Carron.
Date:Autumn 2005 Extent:4 pp

P95/51 Scope and Content:File of printed documents regarding launch of the website www.michaelcusack.ie in support of the heritage centre. Including brochure, invitation for launch (25 September), and report in "The Clare Champion" (29 September).
Date:September 2006 Extent:3 items

P95/52 Scope and Content:Copies of printed flier advertising the Michael Cusack Centre/ Ionad Mhichíl Cíosóg, Carron, as a "new attraction".
Date:[2007] Extent:2 items

P95/53 Scope and Content:Copy of printed booklet by Mathúin Mac Fheorais (ed) The hurlers of Kilfenora and Kilmacduagh with the poem 'Iománaithe Chill Chóirne' (Dublin 2009). With foreword by Br Seán Mac Namara. (This item was gifted to the NUI Galway Archives by Edward O'Loghlen in February 2010.)
Date:1 November 2009 Extent:38 pp