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A Documents

A/1 Arthur Shields
A/1.1 Early Life
A/1.2 The 1916 Rising
A/1.2.1 The Rising
A/1.2.2 The Fiftieth Anniversary Commemorations
A/1.3 Theatre
A/1.3.1 Abbey Theatre
A/1.3.2 Abbey Tour of North America (1931-1932)
A/ Tour Management
A/ Correspondence with Lini Saurin
A/1.3.3 Abbey Tour of North America (1932-1933)
A/ Tour Management
A/ Correspondence
A/1.3.4 Abbey Tour of North America (1934-1935)
A/ Publicity and Programmes
A/ Tour Management
A/ Correspondence
A/1.3.5 Choate-Shields productions
A/ Kindred
A/ Juno and The Paycock
A/ Correspondence
A/1.3.6 'A Moon For The Misbegotten' by Eugene O'Neill
A/1.3.7 Other productions in the United States
A/1.3.8 Abbey Theatre - Opening of the 'New' Abbey 1966
A/1.4 Film
A/1.4.1 The Plough and The Stars
A/1.4.2 Easy Come, Easy Go
A/1.4.3 The River
A/1.4.4 The Quiet Man
A/1.5 Television
A/1.6 Personal
A/1.6.1 Correspondence
A/ Immediate Family
A/ Sean O'Casey and Shivaun O'Casey
A/ Bid and Ron Mortished
A/ Ulick O'Connor
A/ Eileen White
A/ Cyril Cusack
A/ Tom Pugh
A/ Charles Saurin and Family
A/ J.M. Kerrigan
A/ J.J. O'Leary
A/ Letters and Telegrams from 'Fans'
A/ Letters froms reasearchers
A/ Correspondence with other friends and acquaintances
A/1.6.2 Tax
A/1.6.3 Legal
A/1.6.4 Immigration
A/1.6.5 Agents and S.A.G.
A/1.6.6 Health
A/1.6.7 Travel
A/1.6.8 Address Books and Diaries
A/1.6.9 Stamps
A/1.6.10 Stationary
A/1.6.11 Biographical information
A/1.6.12 Funeral
A/1.6.13 Other

A/2 Barry Fitzgerald
A/2.1 Correspondence
A/2.2 Income Tax
A/2.3 Certificates and Membership Cards
A/2.4 Death

A/3 Aideen O'Connor
A/3.1 Correspondence
A/3.1.1 Abbey Tour of North America(1934-1935)
A/3.1.2 Abbey Tour of North America(1937-1938)
A/3.1.3 Other correspondence
A/3.2 Income Tax
A/3.3 Contracts
A/3.4 Immigration
A/3.5 Birth Certificate and other identification documents
A/3.6 Health
A/3.7 Death

A/4 Laurie Shields
A/4.1 Correspondence
A/4.2 Legal
A/4.3 Military Service Widow's Pension
A/4.4 Proposed Biography of Arthur Shields
A/4.5 Diary

A/5 Christine Shields

A/6 Other Shields Family Members
A/6.1 Adolphus Shields
A/6.2 Fanny Shields
A/6.3 Madaline Shields
A/6.4 Bid Shields
A/6.5 Rudolph Shields
A/6.6 Adam Shields

A/7 Drawings and Pictures

A/8 Not Directly Related To The Shields Family

A/9 Newspapers

B Photos

B/1 Personal
B/1.1 Arthur Shields
B/1.1.1 Portraits
B/1.1.2 Informal
B/1.2 Barry Fitzgerald
B/1.2.1 Portraits
B/1.2.2 Informal
B/1.3 Aideen O'Connor
B/1.4 Other Family Members

B/2 Theatre
B/2.1 The Whiteheaded Boy
B/2.2 The Playboy of the Western World
B/2.3 Far-Off Hills
B/2.4 Peter
B/2.5 Paul Twyning
B/2.6 Juno and the Paycock
B/2.7 Shadow and Substance
B/2.8 The Well of the Saints
B/2.9 Spring Meeting
B/2.10 Kindred
B/2.11 The Shadow of a Gunman
B/2.12 Other Productions
B/2.13 Unidentified Productions
B/2.14 North American Tours
B/2.15 Back-stage
B/2.16 Opening of the New Abbey
B/2.17 Other

B/3 Film
B/3.1 The Life of Saint Patrick
B/3.2 Juno and the Paycock
B/3.3 The Plough and the Stars
B/3.4 Four Men and A Prayer
B/3.5 Drums Along The Mohawk
B/3.6 The Long Voyage Home
B/3.7 How Green Was My Valley
B/3.8 Corvette K-225
B/3.9 Going My Way
B/3.10 Two Years Before the Mast
B/3.11 California
B/3.12 Easy Come, Easy Go
B/3.13 The Naked City
B/3.14 The River
B/3.15 The Quiet Man
B/3.16 Unidentified

B/4 Radio

B/5 Television

B/6 Other

B/7 Unidentified

C Publications

D Programmes