'Young Firbolgs' Aranmore


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Large group of children, both boys and girls, mostly facing camera. They are standing in front of a cottage whose partially white-washed gable is visible. Many of the girls are wearing white pinafores. Some of the boys are wearing traditional Aran kintted clothing. Welch's use of the word "Firbolgs" in the caption possibly refers to the legendery motif that the Aran islands was the last bastion of the Firbolgs, a small dark race of people subsequently defeated by the Tuatha de Danann in Irish myth.

Reference Number: Bal/0018

Caption: 'Young Firbolgs' Aranmore

Date: c.1894

Photographer:Welch, Robert John (1859-1936)

Size: 365mm x 285mm

Type: black-and-white positive

Location: County Galway, Ireland

Grid Ref: 53.1058010150, -9.6655916466

Key words: People, Built environment

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Repository: Special Collections, James Hardiman Library, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland